Need Not, Want Not…

For as long as I have realised, everything we do in this world is divided into two major groups. One is what we want to do, the other is what needs to be done. Often enough we seem to always do one or the other, it’s rare that we do both what we want done and what needs to be done. It’s even more rare that what we want done is really want needs to be done.

Ok…maybe the last part is not as rare as expected. Still…how many people do you know do things they need in their lives and really really want to do it? How many of us love paying our taxes and bills or taking out the garbage. How many of us these days never complain about the things we study in school or the work we add up in our careers? It’s all things that we need to get done…but do we usually want to? Of course not.

But why stop there, what about the bigger things in life? What about choosing between your duty towards say…your career and the love of your family? What about taking it a step higher to the ultimate question. Would you sacrifice love for the sake is a better world? Or would you sacrifice the better world for the sake of love? If you knew you could change the world but in doing so gave up any chance of finding true love would you…COULD you do it? Or would it be the other way round?

Need and want. Either way…both are equally important to you as a survival asset and as your responsibility to the society. So what about balancing need and want? Well…being in a particular position now, I can say I’ve got one of that covered. My only question is…how long I can keep it balanced before it all goes to hell? Would I ever find something I want in my personal quest to do the things I see needed to be done? Maybe…but that’s all part of life, either I find things on my road or not.

Personally in the end, I find it less troublesome if we were to concentrate on what needs to be done rather than what we want done. That way we don’t have to constantly look over our shoulders wondering if the concequences are going to bite us back in the ass. It’s just that…how much personal happiness would you have to sacrifice for those needs? Is the price worth it?

I guess that’s something we’ll have to find that on our own roads again…

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  1. i’m writing a blog about this similiar topic. thats how i came to cross yours. i like what you had to say. simply that.

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