Needs And Wants

This world seriously gives me a headache. I mean…I don’t mind the things that happen to me, after all…it’s the rule that says “things aren’t a problem until you make it a problem” that keeps me going indefinitely. But of course, everything has a price…mine is beastly headache which tests the limits of my sanity. Let me ponder on something, why are people so apprehensive about each other? Why is it that people do their best to avoid dealing with situatuon of conflicts?

Ok, so I can’t blame people for not wanting to be in a conflicting situation, it’s a psychological nature that has kept us alive for so long. But what happens when avoidance makes the situation worse off than dealing with it head on? Then we’d have a bigger problem, or the problem will never go away. We always seem to follow what we want rather than what we need. We’ve always had the saying “follow your heart” or something that has the same context. But how often is it that what we want coincides with what we need? For instance in general…guys want sex. That’s a understatement, but is that what we really NEED? Then go a little more specific. Almost every teen wants to have fun by doing next to nothing all the time rather than study, but is that what we need?

There is a fine line in following what you want and following what you need. It’s a classic case of Head vs Heart. So how many of us can actually choose need over want? Better yet, how many of us can want what we really need? That’s a good question.

But its always painful to have the people around you choose want over need. Ironically this is a want…but not a need. So I can’t really complain to others. That’s why I find solice here. As much annoyance it gives me, it is something I have to deal with unless I have the opportunity to change things….but I don’t, so nothing I can do about it but just the best I can to ease the situation.

Well, that’s about that…I’ve got about an hour till mt Calculus test AGAIN. This is what I need apparently…:) So right now, I’ll have to take every problem one step at a time. We fightour best every day, live to jump into the fray anyway.

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