Neverending Goals In Life…

Finally…got to watch the final installment to Lord of the Rings. It was ok…not exactly spactacular overall. I still prefer the book…but I got to admit though. The fight scenes and the emotion played by the character is as good in its own way as the book. I’ve got to reread the book again…if I ever finish reading the 5 books in Dune and the 11 books in Anita Blake Vampire Hunter.

It made me wonder though…watching the movie. We all spend time wondering what our goals in life should be. How many of us actually think of the consequence of actually completing our goals in life? What happens when we succeed in something we worked so long to accomplish? After facing problems after problems trying to complete your life’s work and you suceed. What happens? Could you just sit back and “relax” after all that you’ve been through? Would life have any meaning for you once your reason in your life is complete?

Maybe our life goals are never meant to be finished. Maybe it is meant to be carried through the legacies we leave behind, through the people we touch, the children we bear. We never can finish them and there would always be a meaning to our lives right until the end. Something worth fighting for…worth dying for. Something you can wake up to every morning and tell yourself…”this is what I have to keep doing“.

That’s probably why people have mid-life crisis’. They just don’t have something to work for in their lives. Their lives to them have no meaning but the now…living day by day in a 9 to 5 job where you endure traffic jams, stupid people and poor food, only to go to sleep and wake up the next day to repeat it all over again. It’s not a sad existance…its not even an existance. It’s nothingness. It’s worse than death itself.

I don’t know…I guess sometimes I hate to watch people live their lives in soulless repetition. Maybe that’s cause its my life goal. To make sure people don’t end up without something to live for in their lives. Guess that’s something I have to wake up every morning to tell myself ain’t it? That would make a nice resolution…hmmm….

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