Neverending Night…

Ladies and gentlemen…guess what I’m doing right about NOW. It’s roughly the middle of the night and I’m printing. That’s right. Printing covers for the prom booklets…from the “comforts” of my own home. Never will I have thought that I would be starting to bring non-academic work to my own home at this time of my life.

Right at this minute have about 115 pages to print…in COLOUR. It’s…oh… taking roughly 5 minutes per page and out of the 115 pages, I’ve got like…30 done so far since 10pm just now.. The things I do to get the job done. Christ…at this rate I’m seriously considering the possibility that I might run for Council President. Think about it…I don’t have to do menials tasks ever again, the only menial task I deal with is telling other people of what their menials tasks are.

The only downside according to my friend is I have to constantly deal with immature people who don’t take their work seriously. Take massive heat from the top brass because of those people who don’t take their work seriously. The rest of it is manage, plan, coordinate, moderate and mediate. Hell…I already do more than half of what I mentioned already…especially taking heat from other people. What more can I ask?

The thing to all this is that I feel so alone. So tired. Always doing what I have to do by my own self, with no one to keep me company. Hell…my girl is not well and has to take a rain check on the Prom. How can I not feel alone? Talk about issues of insecurity. But it’s true anyway…it doesn’t hurt any less to admit it.

The upside to all this is that I do have the person I love near me even though she isn’t always close to me in person. One of my friends has a new love in her life and I’m working on getting back to my best friend who is coming to grips with her own new destiny.

I guess that’s what life is all about isn’t it. The little prices we pay for to get some form of good back. I can almost smile at the irony this one, but even my face is to tired to even smile. Edrei need’s sleep…Edrei wishes he could go to sleep. God I want this to be over as soon as I can.

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