New Blood Old Mistakes…

Another semester another orientation. I think I’ve been in enough orientation to have figured out how it goes. For the most part…the quietly smart but good looking people will fill up the first intake of the year. The more coorperative average looking people will fill up the mid-year intakes and lastly the dead-looking clueless people take up the third trimester intakes.

Ok so that may be a gross oversimplification of the situation, but hey…it was an unanimous opinion anyway.

So far so good. Everything seemed to have went on without a hitch, the crowd was more or less receptive and the no one had any serious problems with their applications. Tomorrow will be another day with more games. I’m hoping I can slink away from this one…maybe play the role of making sure the music and everything is set. I hear the yahoos in charge of games are stuffing some water baloons in the itinerary somewhere. Maybe I’ll get into that one…but nothing else.

It just feels uneasy when you know you have to make up with your friend and you can’t seem to talk to them. I wish I could. I know I should and I will…in time. Just seeing my friend play nice and have fun while I put on my stone face and do my job doesn’t make it hurt any less. I know I’m being stubborn and stupid on this one, but I’ll get to it…I promise. Part of me just doesn’t feel like getting hurt again and is taking this cautiously.

If you happen to read this and you know who you are. I’m making an effort. There will come a time when we can hang out in the council floor as of old, this time without the ping pong balls trying to kill us. All it takes is to do something…just do…no words…no more words…not ever.

To watch from afar the people I condone. TIme to make this right or I know I’ll be alone.

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