New Body

Sweet…having Sarah-IV for my work is a definite lifesaver. I can blog anywhere with a net line. I can post in my forums anywhere too. Work is a breeze. I actually finished more parts of my assignment doing in the Student Coincil than doing it at home. That is really worth it all. The only downside is that I can’t download or log on to ICQ or MSN from my college due to the firewall that blocks it. But that might go away soon if I figure out how to bypass the Proxy server. Shouldn’t be too hard, the most is can be is troublesome since I have to switch settings back and forth between college and home. That’s the only hassle so far.

On a lighter note, Sarah seemed to have her fair share of attention today. Citing awes and looks from most people in the council and people who usually hang out in the council. Right now I’m like the radio whenever I’m in playing my MP3’s out loud since usually it’s pretty dull in there. The best thing however was one guy…those of you that have read past blogs would know him. The one we all dislike as an annoyance. The look on his face to seehe spent more money on something that doesn’t work much and doesn’t work right and I spent about less for something so powerful. It’s just too sweet to hold back. Call me evil but that’s how I feel.

Anyway, I have got to go cook dinner. These days we all got to pull some wieght around here, and cooking dinner is one thing I certainly don’t mind doing.

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