No Reason For Writing…

You know…one thing that still eludes me after all this time. I know alot of girls…I really do. But yet why is it a large percenatge of you girls for some reason NEVER took up cooking? Didn’t you like…play kitchen when you were younger? I mean…how in the name of all that’s holy and sacred could you burn an egg…

On a NON-stick frying pan?

I love to cook. It’s no secret. When the mood hits me…or when my mother cooks something completely unpalatable. I can cook…and really cook. I mean…there is something about food to me that’s…rewarding. I say that if God put it here, then it probably was meant to be cooked and eaten…at least anything edible that is. It’s how you turn it into something worth eating…that’s the trick to it alright. Now here is the catch…

Sometimes I’m just too lazy to cook.

I mean…actually COOKING itself. Yeah I love that…I love melding all the flavours together, letting it simmer and then flooding the whole kitchen and maybe the house with whatever fragrance I’m cooking with. It’s my own personal chemistry lab at home…knowing how much I love that stuff…how can I not see the similarities there (aside from blowing up the lab equipment). It’s like playing God…

But with food.

The only thing is, what comes before and what comes after. I do NOT like peeling onions and garlic. I certainly do not like my eyes feeling like a burst dam. Most certainly do not like my eyes feeling on fire after cutting chillies…then proceeding to wipe my eyes again. Usually seeing me do that is often proceeded by one phrase.


Though…mixing minced meat is kinda fun…gooey is good. Cold…but good.

Then the part where we all dread. Washing up. I don’t mind washing up. I just don’t like it. I mean…where is the fun in that. I hate scrubbing off the parts that got stuck to the bottom of the pan. I try to wash as I cook at the same time…helps bring the amount to clean in the end, but I still hate it anyway. Doesn’t mean I don’t run a mean kitchen. I like my kitchen spotless. Even my mother can’t contend to how tight I run my kitchen. Just as well too…she’s not the only neat freak in the family.

So why am I saying all of this? I don’t know…maybe cause I’ve got a stomach ache and it’s pretty late. You guessed it…I didn’t eat dinner. Too lazy to cook. I cooked maggi-mee in pasta sauce. It was nice…but I’m just contemplating on peanut butter and cheese sandwich now. If I have the mood to actually go make it. So now I’ll just be here and keep tweaking my blog.

Uggghh….tummy ache.

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