Not The Smartest Thing…

After a breakup, the smartest thing a person could do is to avoid all aspects of love at that present time. It just makes common sense to just let things cool off and give some time for the person to start building back his life and adjusting to fact that he or she is single. Anything more and you’re really pushing the mental limit on how much a person can really take.

Then I have got to be one stupid person.

I think there is supposed to be some rule somewhere that states a person who is used to watching over the well being of other people stop doing things that borders detrimental insanity. I know there is a rule like that somewhere. I don’t think what I’m doing now is actually the handbook if there was ever one.

Then why the hell am I watching shows with a love theme to it?!

I guess it can’t be helped.

I mean…even without the shows. I’m thrown into a position where relationships are part of my life. There is no denying it. It is what I handle most of the time…especially now. Whether it’s someone else’s break up. Someone considering a break up. Someone who wants to find the perfect gift for their lived one. Teasing a friend’s fiance. Someone caught up in a crush with someone else. Someone who doesn’t know whether they are feeling love or not.

Come to think of it.

For a guy who just lost his girl.



Yet…I don’t know. Does it help really for me to be involved in this alot? I know you’d tell me I should avoid it…but would you really not tell me what’s on your mind when you need to talk to someone you know would put down what he’s doing to listen? I know you better than that. You know I’m always here regardless of what’s on my mind or whether you feel bad telling me in the first place.

That’s a fate I’ll always be entwined in.

One I’ve accepted with the last shreds of my free dignity.

So back to watching love stories. Yes I supposed I could stop watching…but then it won’t be any different than dealing with the things I have been dealing for the past month. In fact, compared to the past month, I think this would be something of a comfort. At least I can be left alone to the imagination where I still run free with some hope of a happy ending.

It’s all I have to keep me believing that there is some good in life.

Standing where I am by myself.

I think it’s good that I see that.

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