Of Wishes And Dreams…

Another day, another dollar. Spent most of my day outside visiting relatives that were here. Nothing much to be said about. Except when I went all the way to Banting near Klang for one of my cousin’s Christmas dinners. It was the first time I EVER saw a turkey I mistook for a chicken. I mean…seriously…it was big…but it was so thin…and the colour didn’t look turkeyish at all. I was told it was Ayam Belanda Kampung (translated rural turkey). Man…either they didn’t feed that turkey enough or that’s one sick turkey.

I wonder if there is such thing as Chicken Flavoured Turkey…or maybe Mad Turkey Disease. Nah…too soon to tell.

The rest of the evening was a dead bore. Seriously…my parents were drinking and the rest of the older folk were singing karaoke. Not a pretty sight to behold one might add…nor sound to hear. But hey…it’s the holiday spirit, people can be forgiven for alot of things…:)

Being that I’m not the type that does those things often. I spent most of my time outside of the house, chatted with my cousins a bit about computers, then hung out by myself. It’s a house with a big garden in an isolated area on a clear night. So pretty much spent the night looking up at the sky thinking really. Nothing really concrete. Just reflections of my life, some philosophy and my upcoming New Years Resolution.

One thing though…to stare up onto that black sky littered with stars. Makes you feel insignificant compared to the universe. Not that I didn’t know that already…but it doesn’t make you any less humbled by its presence. I wish I could just touch that infinite dark and just understand and see everything it hides from us. To be one with the universe and bath in its order and chaos. Big dreams for someone this relatively insignificant.

Oh well…we all got to have our own dreams sometime…even if it does seem farfetched. After all…have a little heart, mind, blood and sweat. Sometimes…they do come true no matter what they are.

Dance the streams of the stars in the darkness of the night. Wish your dreams no matter how far would be true and shine so bright.

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