Oh Joyful Prom…

I never thought that something not related to my goals could be one of the most stressful times of my life. You know that printing I did the previous night? Well…it turned out that the printer picked a damn right time to stop working while I’m printing…and I’m stuck with only 40 pages out of 115. Christ…luckily we got 3 printers working in the morning so we got it done in a record time. Never thought a crisis like that could get everything done so fast.

To top it off…my mother is being completely off her head again. She’s going for trying to be wise to saying completely random words that make no connection to the topic at hand. She made threats she had no intention of keeping and she wants to work it out with me without understanding the rules we go by. That itself broke the Blake Rules as she was going from insane to plain irrational and I can’t escape it…cause I’m in the car with her.

It’s just one stressful day that doesn’t stop there.

Like I said before, proms are supposed to be a time to be with your loved one, or hang out formally with the people you care for at least. But somehow I had neither. Standing there watching the people dance to slow songs is NOT something I can watch so lightly. I wad there wishing Milee was there with me at that moment. Holding her close to me, with her head on my shoulder, moving to the slow music, feeling the romantic mood and never letting her warm body go.

It doesn’t hurt any less too to sit there unable to talk to my best friend because she’s busy entertaining her batch of friends. Not being able to hang out like times of old, just laugh at jokes that no one else can get and joke about the coincidences that we always get ourselves into. Some prom this turned out to be.

Well..at least I did come dressed up like the Merovingian in the Matrix Trilogy. That at least is a highlight I can look foward to in that memory. Always look to the good if all else is covered with shit. It’s not a Blake Rule but hey…it’s a sensible rule right?

Now though…I might as well go to sleep. Make up for the 3-4 hours of sleep I’ve been getting this past week. I need those extra up hours for Exam Week at the end of the semester. I sure as hell don’t want to waste it now. That’s something I can sleep to I guess.

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