On Prejudice

Finally watched X-Men II. Not really as good as I thought it would be…but at least it’s better than the first show. The mutant universe is just so appealing. How people who are different are treated differently. Not for who they are but what they are. So much like the world today…how many people have suffered throughout the centuries for being what they are instead of judged for who they are. How many guilty people have been set free for being what they are rather than being judged for who they are? How many people have gotten what they have because of their blood…not their hard work?

Sad as it may be…this is who we are. The darker side of human stupidity and ignorance. The prejudice and bias that comes from our fear…our ignorance….ourselves. Forget mutants…we can’t even get past ourselves. Our own flesh and blood. God help us all to think what would REALLY happen if the Mutant Universe is real.

I don’t know…maybe if they were less people. We wouldn’t be so judgemental, but I guess that’s wishful thinking. But I can’t help it. 6 billion people on this planet. Alot of heads are going to rub together and something it sure to spark somewhere. Much worse out of control. Less people equals less heads to rub, thus equal less chances of a big blow-up based on human prejudice. OI course, the only way to pass that completely is if everyone got wiser all a sudden, which won’t happen unless there was a sudden mutation that increased everyone’s ability to use more part of our brains.

Yet again more wishful thinking. Never seem to run out of that. Got to have some kinda hope…no matter how bleak this world is. What is there left to hold on to if not hope? Our own skins? Fat chance of that. Hmmm…I need something to drink, but I ran out of chocolate milk. Looks like I got to buy more. Oh well…another day…another dollar.

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