On “sm”-ism

How much of what we do are determined by bias? How much sexism, racism, elitism, or any kind of “sm” dictates every part and parcel of our lives? I don’t really know…but so far the bulk of it is so overwhelming, that it’s scary. The saddest thing is that alot of us resign ourselves to it or even worse…take no note of it until someone points it out.

That’s what a close friend of mind went through…working in a company where her immediete boss is a borderline sexist. He seems to pick on her and any other female workers for the smallest things in public while the male employees get the closed door meeting treatment. That just one example…another one is that male workers seem to have more freedom in socialising but female collegues are told to limit their moving activities. That doesn’t sem fair one bit.

That’s not just confined to her workplace, I noticed that alot of corporate paying jobs seem to want to know the status of the female employees, whether you’re in a relationship, engaged or planning to get a baby. I can understand the need for these questions…but to be hired based on these credentials is taking it a bit too far.

It’s not that…racism and elitism are another few things that the world seems to revolve around. When a poor black man gets the death penalty while a rich white man walks away with 48 hours of community service, its getting a bit too obvious about the amount of prejudice that the world lives on.

I can’t walk far without coming across some indication of various amounts of prejudice in our world. It’s a wonder the human race can get as far as it did.

I’m just angry for my friend and the many people in her position thats all…I just wish I could do something about it. Fight the good fight even if it is one step at a time. But for the time being I’m just stuck here…studying.

Ooooh…that’s right…I do have to study. Time to brush up on my Statistics. Can’t do anything if I flunk my finals now can I?

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