On The Hill…

I stand fast on the top of the world and I look down. I look upon the world below and I look up onto the heavens above. I see no difference between to the two. I see a world what I worked so hard to leave behind…yet I also see a world that I have to work hard to surpass. I turn to my side and I see that I’m not alone. There is another look at the world below. Another wondering about that which was left behind. Does that person see another world to work hard to surpass?

I don’t know.

I wake up.

Sometimes I don’t know where the dream ends and the world begins. You know…sometimes you try so hard to make a difference in something…you often forget two things.

1. You are alone.
2. You are not alone.

Ok I realise both of them are contradictions of each other. But think about it. How many of us wake up one day realising we’re becoming victims of our own successes. We’re so wrapped up on the road to achieve whatever goals we want, we stop at nothing to reach there. Then one fine day we wake up realising we’re alone. With nothing to live for but the success we make.

Yet again…if you stop looking and feeling sorry for being a victim of your own success. You begin to realise that…hell…they are other people out there who are in the same boat too. People who constantly work on their own goals until they disregard their own right to live. You’re not alone too. Not by a long shot.

Just that…at least you can say that with all those people like that out there. It’s not so bad. By realising you have something missing in your life…you can at least have the choice to change it. I’m not asking people to stop on their careers and act desperate in starting a relationships and a family…hell no. Think of it more adding a little room to your life.

I mean…if you’re not alone in your persuit for success. I’m sure there is someone along the way who shares the same passion for the same form of success. Made the same sacrifices to get to where they are now. Somewhere around there…there has got to be someone looking for the same company that you yourself can appreciate. That even a ruthless man or woman can warm up to. Maybe that all comes by realising that your life hasn’t past you by yet.

It isn’t too late to change something when you realise it has to be changed. It’s too late to change something when its already done.

Whether I’m standing on the top of the world reaching for the heavens or looking at the person next to me. Well…it’s inconsequential. What matters is to realise the little things that you need in life. Realise that its never too late to do something.

Because somewhere out there…someone is wondering the same thing too…

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