One More Hour…

I know I’m fighting for it. I know I’m fighting on my side. Why don’t you fight for it too? Why do you always have to doubt the situation, the moment? You know in your head the time is right. You know know in your heart the plans are perfect. You know you want it, but yet you are your own greatest obstacle. Why?

I know you love the coincidences. I know you love the moments where you’re always at the right place at the right time. I know how you love to have fate work for you. I know how you love to have seemingly inanimate objects work for you. But I know how you hate it too. How you fear the coincidences. How you are so scared that you indirectly control not just your fate, but the fate around you.

I know you’ve always been living it hard. I know you’ve always worked your life out by sacrificing the things you wanted the most. I know you don’t expect much from life. I know you have always been a survivor. But for once live life as it was meant to be. For once do what you’ve always told people to do. For once take back what you have earned for so long. A chance to live the life you wanted to live.

I know how good a fixer you are. I know how you’re always there for people beyond the call of duty. I know how much a healing touch you can have on those around you should you choose to. But I know you never take your own advice. I know how disillusioned you are with the world around you. I know how you gave up hope on everything. I know how you cry when you tell me you’re not.

I know how you value those one hours. I know hour you value every moment. I know how you like to share your life away. I know how you want to stand on top of that hill with someone by yout side. I know how you don’t want to be alone. I know how you never wish it would happen. I know you are trying so hard to pretend it will never happen.

Fight. Fight like we always tell the people we watch over. All those coincidences, all that fate, all those chances, all those moments. Those are just a shred of what you could do if you fought for it. That’s all. Let all those doubts and fears melt away. Let all those moments come together in a kaleidoscope of living. I know you can. I always known you can.

Just live the dream you always wanted. You deserve it…

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