Optimistic Pessimism…

>The world most of us live in isn’t a pretty world for a great deal of the time.The world which we are in isn’t much of a world to smile at most of the time. For the most part, it is a pesimistic world. It is a world filled with the bleak offshoots of our own doubt and fear. It is a primitive world of feral emotions where people keep trying to wake up from but just fall short of it.

It is a bitter world we live in.

Why do we find it so easy to believe the worst news in a person? Why do we find it so easy to get caught in our own inability to reach for our own stars? Why do we find it so easy to dwell in darkness than shine in the light? Is it so hard to believe the best things in life? Is it so hard to believe in a greater good? Is it so hard to be optimistic?

Is it so hard to have faith in yourself?

People often echo the words “Why bother?” Why bother when all you seem to do is to go down? Why bother when all that happens is nothing at all? Why bother when no one listens and cares? It doesn’t matter right?


It does matter when it all seems to go down. It does matter nothing happens at all. It does matter even when no one seems to listen. It matters because anything is possible.

You can’t live life bad without it being good in the first place. There is no way any one of us can understand what bad is if we haven’t at least tasted good. So life is bad…but what happened to those days when you were young? Remember when nothing used to matter? Remember a time when you believed that you could be anything? Just because you’re a few years or a few decades later doesn’t mean that things have to change..

Things change because you changed it.

So you’ve seen alot. So you’ve been burned more than a few times. So you’ve got things that other people don’t appreciate. So what? It doesn’t mean you have to be the angel of despair. I know the angel of despair personally. I’ve had long conversations with her. You’re not her. Hell…even she ain’t much of a drama queen.

Thing is…would looking at the bleaker side of things make a difference? Would you get off that butt of yours and at least fight for what you want? Reason’s in life aren’t there not because life took them away. Reasons in life aren’t there because you took them away. Took it away with all your problems to the answers.

For once just give yourself the answers to the problems. Period.

If life is all lost as it is…what have you got to lose? Shouldn’t you go all out at it when you have nothing to lose? I mean seriously. The world is full of possibilities…you once knew it. Take that back. You don’t have to take back the innocence, just the possibilities. That’s all that it takes.

Somewhere out there something has to go right. Somewhere out there something happens. Somewhere out there someone will listen. A world this big isn’t without its possibilities. A universe this big isn’t without an infinite grace.

All anyone of us has to do is keep trying.

Somehow…it all gets easier when the ball starts rolling.

It really does.

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