Orientation Ends

IT’S OVER!! IT’S OVER!! Orientation is finally Over!! Ahh…I feel so relieved now that I’m relieved. Today was supposed to be a no brainer for all of us. Yeah…that’s true alright. I goofed up by pulling a task with no brains. I was supposed to ensure that Lunch outside was conducted in the shade. Unfortunately, no thanks to me…I pulled rank and winded up having all the freshmen eating more or less in a more “exposed” area. With the shade just a few meters away. How I could not have foreseen that the sun would have moved in that particular direction is beyond me, but I goofed off alright. As such is my self-imposed punishment I spent more time doing menial run-around tasks in addition to delegating them to others.

Well…doesnt matter now. Orientation debriefing is this Thursday, hopefully I’ll get some fair review if I stand a remoe chance of making my position in the Student Council a permanent one. Shouldn’t be much of a worry…if I get it, I’m happy for myself for a job well done. If I don’t…well, try harder again next time. Right now, I’ve still got the task of planning the Freshmen Camp and writing a report on the Orientation. Nothing much but it’s essential as well. Hope my mind stays fresh.

Technically, my courses start tomorrow. And what greets me at that time…? First class just happens to be Calculus I. That’s just sooooo great isn’t it…the first class turns out you be the subject I dispise the most. How ironic can that be? At least I can look foward to one thing. Seeing how my new coursemates stand out. That at least should be something worth looking over. So first thing is first…buying some new stationaries and notebooks (the paper ones not the processor runned ones). Then take things easy one at a time and start what I started…the course. Now for a good night’s rest…again. It’s been a way tiring day running around making sure everything is in order. At least I deserve some sleep to start afresh tomorrow. Here’s to another new beginning. May my answers be right and my hypothesis accurate. Cheers…:)

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