Ouchy Wawa…

I guess it’s a little too late to blog half tipsy and full of energy after heading onto the dance floor a few nights ago, but at least I can blog about how much my body hurts AFTER the night of being tipsy and full energy dancing. Because seriously…this is one of those days where you can wake up to a body that feels like it got beaten up by an angry mob because you lost a marathon.

In retrospect, waking up to immedietly to play table tennis isn’t a wise choice either.

Then again…taking to physical stuff to take my mind off things is a good idea. I’m just not sure if it’s a good idea to go all out considering I’m not exactly the fittest person on the block. I mean…i can dance for so long…but that’s because I was working off steam. Seriously…if my mind was locked in any more depressing thoughts…I don’t think I would have stopped short of hitting the floor from exhaustion.

Or maybe the vodka was blocking of some of those thoughts.

It’s just that…I don’t know…it still is no different than drinking to stop from being depressed. It’s just a distraction from what’s really on your mind. If I were talking to myself I’d still say resolve the situation, find a way to really substitute or fix what you miss the most. In my case…that’s a hard shoe to fix and fill. It’s not like I’m exactly the most eligible guy out there that could find intimacy.

HAH…spoken like a true Cancer says a friend.

Not like I believe in that much anyway.

Still…another week gone by. Not really any better, but I’m not worse either. Just another smile to fake and a laugh to lighten up the lives of others. What’s left inside this head of mine, is entirely for me to sit through waiting for the moment to come to pass.

Moment to come to pass.

Hey…at least deep down inside I’m still optimistic right?

4 thoughts on “Ouchy Wawa…

  1. guess you’re still half-tipsy. you double-posted. 🙂

    some things, some memories, they refuse to go away for a reason. finding out what that reason is however, well, that’s another matter altogether. just don’t push yourself too hard. to forget and move on is one thing. to screw your body is another.

    have a nice day, dude.

    Posted by ganaesh

  2. oo..that reminds me of all the times we went to hard rock cafe and like that when we were at the uni..and then played pool and “football” ( you know, the ones they usually have in pubs) 

    Posted by letti

  3. you’re a cancer? ah. explains why you’re drinking as a distraction. really tho, am getting concerned about you. and yes, as long as deep down inside you are optimistic and you know it…i know you’ll be ok. for the moment tho, easy on the alcohol yea? 

    Posted by jaX

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