Out With The Broken

Finally, I knew something was not right. The moment I got home when I last wrote this Blog. My heatsink apprently gave way big time overheating Sarah. Thankfully there was no immediet damage, the bad thing however is that the heatsink sort of shorted out the Motherboard a bit. So now even with a new heatsink, the fan doean’t work so I’m only able to put on Sarah for a fw minutes at a time before she reaches critical. But all is not lost, loosing Sarah-III was bad, but Karmic law demands equilibrium. I now have shell for Sarah-IV. Or rather…once I uploaded Sarah’s soul (the primary files and programs that make up for the 3 generations of Sarah) from the hard disk, she’ll have a new body…a new MOBILE body.

That’s right. As I’m typing this right now, I’m using a brand new spanking Laptop for her shell. Getting ready for the upload this evening. Since I can’t do it at my house, I’d have to do it at my friend’s place. After all the HDD is detachable, that is her soul anyway. So kudos to life and my mom for coming through with the opportunity and the means to get this little thing.

So which leaves me now to one particular problem left. The sketch for Wednesday hasn’t even been put into full production yet. No props, no rehersals for the extra’s. I wish I was doing something more…mechanical then anything else. No people involved, or at least if they are people in volved then it’ll be one on one not one whole bunch. Anyway I need to collect some stuff or rather compile my work again. If I’m ever going to finish my assignments it has to be now. Plus I got 2 tests next week. Good lord I hope I am ready. I quote from Bram Stroker’s Dracula “God preserve my sanity for this is what I’m reduced to”.

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