Well…after queing up for the tickets to Lord of the Rings I have but one thing to say. F#&*^#%^ S#^&#%^B#^&%^@!!! Why in the name of God did they start selling tickets so early? What right do they have to go and do that? Can’t they just sell it like any OTHER movies? It’s not like Lord of the Rings is that special a movie that it has to be sold one WEEK in advance. What…are they scared that people are going to cry havoc, stampede the ticket booth and resell the tickets for money, causing the movie to close the week before it opens?

Ok that sounds a little far fetched and confusing even, but still…I am ticked of about that fact. Crap…now it rests on some of my friends if they got their hands on the Wednesday night opening of Lord of the Rings. Otherwise I’d have to watch it on Saturday anyway. But I guess it isn’t so bad…since it’s a 3 and a half hour movie and knowing how my girl isn’t that much of a sitter in movies. I get her and myself one of those leather twin couple seats. Though it’s at the side…it’s still good comfy seats.

Thing is…2 seats cost in this movie cost me 26 bucks and now I’m flat broke. There goes my idea to get myself a Riverdance DVD. Shucks…speaking of getting things…I do have a wish list and New Years Resolution that I stashed round my head somewhere. If only I didn’t stuff my head full of Physiology notes.

I’ll write it all down later…right now, I think I’ll try to see if I can find some more cash…the sofa sounds like a good idea to start…

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