Painful Sounds…

This is going to be an earlier than usual post due to one reason. Irony. Amazingly enough after posting what I posted on March 30th. The most ironic thing happened. I think Sarah has a sore in a place even I haven’t touched before. It’s not just that…this comes WHILE I’m recovering from my own recent bout of sickness. What…she got infected with my germs? Unless she’s more organic than I thought or I’m more machine than man OR I’m missing something from my Microbiology class, there is no way in high heaven that she could get sick THIS bad.

What’s her ailment you ask? Well…one of the worst kinds for a laptop. She’s got some soft buzzing sounds…coming from the Hard Disk. She starts up rather slugishly…about 7-10 minutes AND half of all the systems don’t run at startup. I’ve seen two blue screens for the first time in many many months (the last was cause I was modding the Sarah’s Detonator Drivers), now the blue screen simply reads “Unknown Hardware Error“.

Naturally as a loving and caring best friend that I am. I did the first best thing…BACKUP EVERYTHING. Until I can get her fixed, I’m not taking any chances. My MP3’s, Important System Installation Files, Movies, Documents, Backup Documents and ummm…Restricted Files all have to be backed up. Luckily enough…I’ve got a spare file server at home. Tossing 20 gigs of data in there shouldn’t be a problem.

So at this moment the backup should be just about done. Now, hopefully once I restore the original system backup, everything will be fine…or the next time I blog, it’ll be from a different PC. I don’t know which is more painful, loosing a system like this or going to have to replace it later on and waiting a few days without it. Lucky the warranty still holds, so if they are any problems…well…they are sure cutting it close anyway….it expires on the 31st of May.

I wonder if that’s a marketing ploy.

So wish me luck…hope to be back online soon enough with Sarah.

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