Pass The Pie Please…

It’s WS-Day+8…

I just realised…I have been overeating lately. Yeah…thats’s right. I for once am going to talk about my weight. I’m bordering on being overweight, but at the rate I’m eating. I swear to God, I think I passed that line of being overweight. I have to continously suck in my gut to mantain a facade that I’m decently…decent. It’s not just that…it’s the richness of the foods I eat. Come on…lunch as fries with fried drumlets AND wash off with a can of cream soup…and a hotdog bun. If that isn’t fattening I don’t know what is.

Maybe a cinnamon bun…but that’s beside the point.

I haven’t been excercising much lately either. Oh yeah…sit on your fat butt studying, blogging or watching telly, that’s reaaaal healthy for you. Come on…I’m genetically predisposed to high blood cholesterol, I should know very well what I should do. I study these things for christ’s sake. What…am I waiting from a sign from God to tell me to start working on being healthy? And what’s that sign going to be…a heart attack?

My New Year’s Resolution was supposed to be trim my waist and develop my stomach muscles somewhat. I’ve never failed a resolution yet, so I don’t intend on doing that now.

I’ve been getting my life back in order recently, I’ve been cutting loose all the things that back me down and I’ve been concentrating on getting control back in my life. That’s good…that”s a start. Now…all I got to do is keep that control before I can work down what I’m supposed to do for the rest of the year. Got alot to do before I can keep to all my resolutions and it’s almost half the year.

Maybe this is what my life is really about, working towards goals one by one. If I got a problem that stands in my way, take care of that first without mercy, without remorse. Makes anyone wonder…am I really any different from a machine (aside from my apparent diet problems)? Maybe…maybe not. But every problem I’ve faced has been worked out in the end whether I by my hand or not.

Should I be concerned about eating too much and giving my fuure a hard time? Maybe…but with the track record I have, maybe I should have more faith in knowing that it’s a problem I know I can get through without any hassles. But…caution and paranoia is the mother of necessity.

Can’t afford to leave anything to chance now can we?

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