Past Tense…

It never ceases to amaze me how much the past can still catch up to you. How much something you thought you put away for good can, within a space of a few days come back to hit you like a sledgehammer between the eyes. As much as you try and put it away. As much as you try and forget it.

Nothing will stop life from bringing it back.

So what do you do anyway? What’s anyone to do? Nothing…there is nothing we can do when the emotional ghosts of the past come back and haunt us. There is nothing anyone can do really. Nothing no one can do except yourself.

I mean…when we think about it, why do we have to keep hurting ourselves for something beyond our control? Why do we have to keep looking back on something we are no longer part off? The past is the past and no amount of theoretical physics is going to reshape it. The memories are still there alright. Good and bad, they are still there.

But you can’t grasp the future when all you ever see is the past.

Whatever we went through before, whatever we lived through before. Good and bad. Laughter and tears. Pleasure and pain. Sometimes you can’t bring it back to life. I mean…even IF you want to relive the past. What are you going to do? What can you do? The present is being writen already. What do you want that can make the present better?

Thing is…nothing at all.

All anyone can really do is look foward to is the future. All you can ever expect to live by is not what you can dig up about the past. But what you can do with the present you have. The now is what we have. There is no point in living for the past. No point in dwelling on it when all that remains are just distant memories.

Even now there is nothing I can do but live my life for the future as best that I can. As painful the past can be for me. You know I’m resolved to make sure I’m in control of the life that I lead.

I know you can do it too. The past wasn’t just all laughter and tears. They were a lesson. A lesson for the future. It only hurts when you let it hurt you.

Don’t let it hurt you.

Move past that. Past all the pain. Past all the grief.

You told someone else before to be strong because it’ll all be ok…and you were right.

Now it’s time to take your own advice.

Live your own life free of the past.

The future is there waiting for you.

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