Philosophizing Calculus

It’s official. Calculus sucks big time. It sucks so big, an entire Star Destroyer could fit inside it and STILL leave space for more. In fact, Calculus is so sucky, it gives the word suck a bad name. I could go on forever about what I think of Calculus, but as I think you get the point, let me summarize by saying how bad I did for Calculus today. 4 questions and I could only complete 2. I might get points for all but as I’m a perfectionist, it doesn’t bode well for my record. But enough of that, it’s the past and I don’t need Calculus!! I can create my own maths…with blackjack…and hookers!! Hmmm…I’ve got to stop emmulating Futurama so much.

Back to what I was innitially talking about today. Hate, why do we always have to hate? I was continuing that talk with my friend and we kinda agreed on one thing that the core basis of hate is ignorance. Okay…if you’re here solely for the fun of it, this is about time you stop reading cause it’s going to get a lot more philosophical.

Anyway, it’s the fact that we as human being always stereotype each other, we never did take the initiative to actually understand let alone respect the individuality of each other. We just leave it at that. That ignorance condemns us all to hatred. Whether its jealousy, dislike of something petty (e.g. dress very nicely), biasness of belief and ideology or even race. Almost all cases…it just boils down to simple ignorance and misunderstanding.

That’s probably why I love knowledge so much. We learn to look past the hate, past the the anger and see that we’re no more than reflections of each other. Maybe a cracked mirror or a screw loose here and there, but we’re all of the same blood, we’re human.

Ok, I think that’s enough philosophy for one day…I can already hear some of you yawning. So thank you ladies and gentleman for your kind attention, please be sure to tip your waitress. Finish up the remainder of your super duluxe chocolate banana shake and have a very good night. I’ll be here all weekend…Tha tha thaaaat’s all folks.

One thought on “Philosophizing Calculus

  1. Hate is a natural human feeling, you can get rid of it just like you can’t get rid of humans that are mad, happy or angry. Hate may also be the best of these because it tends to drive humans more than the other emotions, even if some are driven towards evil things. But if you really think you are better than them, then ask yourself; in this situation: A man is going to shoot and kill another man, who would you rather be? The man about to die? Or the man doing the shooting? There is something which cannot be expressed in words. People’s emotions. Emotions of the heart cannot be defined. But there is one way to read the emotions. Look into their eyes. There is only one truth. When something is gained, something is always lost. It’s impossible to live without facing that fact. What is lost will never return. Important things. Irreplaceable things. The things necessary to protect those things. The firm determination packed into a bullet. Man knows… knows that nothing will begin unless he speaks. That nothing will change unless he moves.

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