To all of you people who are know I’m obsessed with my favourite book Anita Blake will know it’s relation to what I’m about to say and I like to say one thing only. Penguins are starting to scare the hell out of me. It’s not just that it’s on my site (though I purposely put it there). It’s just that for the past week penguins have been appearing everywhere.

In the comics I just HAPPEN to pick up, in the cars that just pass by while waiting for the bus, to the accidental discovery of the penguin-on-the-laptop gif file that’s on my page right now…to even the National Geographic I looked through yesterday. It’s all there…penguins. Cute little waddling creatures. Small and petite and just so so so so adorable. Hell…I’m a guy and I’m saying this. Trust me…it freaks me out more than anyone of you.

What the hell is this all supposed to mean? God I wish I knew. Putting things back in order I can understand. Helping me with my studies or goals I can understand. Even preparing me for things yet to come I can understand. But Penguins?! That I most certainly DO NOT understand how it is supposed to do all that!

What…am I supposed to fend off scores of Haitian Bellhops invading our country by flinging stuffed penguins at them? Christ man…I don’t mind coincidences but please…give me something a little LESS cryptic and more coherant than stuffed animals from my favourite book series.

So what am I going to do with this? Absolutely nothing at all. I don’t know what it means so the hell with it. It’ll give its meaning when it wants to. I on the other have have better things to do…like my lab report…yeah…that’s more like it. Nothing to do with penguins…just me and some life threatening bacteria…that sounds safer than penguins alright.

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