Poetry Destress

Whoa…thanks to certain people. I’ve been having pretty big inspirational moments in poetry. Not to mention the fact these were on the spot thinking. I guess I’ve been under alot of stress lately, maybe that’s why I needed an emotional outlet to write these.

Edward’s Song

I have seen the suffering, I have seen the pain.
I have seen the tears that fall just like the rain.
I have walked the paths, I have ran the lanes
I have touched the blood so thick as it washed into the drains.

I have felt the calling, I have heard the cries.
I have struck the faithless down for telling me the lies.
I have shown no mercy, I have shed no tear.
I have looked into the eyes of others and gave them the meaning of fear.

I was never born, and I will never die.
I will burn the world to ashes when the end is neigh.
I embraced the darkness, I am forged from sin.
I am the other half that will stop at nothing to win.

I am Edrei’s burning fire, I am his eternal protector.
I am the blade, the gun that was made to pierce the heart of the specter.
I come here with a message, I walk here with a warning.
I will purge this world to free itself and forever stop the dawning.

Tears of the Rain

The days so cloudy, the memories so clear.
I dwell a forgotten past never to fear.
The cooling wind, the ebb of the tide.
I feel it flow, feel my essance collide.

I stand on the top, my feet to the ground.
I smell it so close, almost feel it coming down.
The air so damp, the silence too thick.
The drops so heavy, it begins to stick.

My head raised high, my arms stretched wide.
I listen to the rain fall, falling by my side.
I touch the tears, the burst of the clouds
To feel the music, the melody life shrouds.

To wash away my worries, and cry away my sin.
A drop of water, a tear of life, the cleansing of what I’ve been.
I now understand the essance of which even souls can be revived.
To feel the grace of infinity’s pace and glory in which it’s strived.

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