Power Plays…

God…I hate politics. I hate everything to do with politics. I hate the entire insituition of politics today.

Did I mention I hate politics?

Fine…lets give them the benefit of the doubt. Not all politicians are power hungry…though can someone point me out a politician in charge that has NOT played and consolidated power before? Not all politicians are dirty sneaks. Not all politicians are dishonest bastards. Not all politicians are lime-light hoggers. Not all politicians let other people do all the dirty work.

Now…with that out of the way. Let me repeat something Frederich Nietzche once said.

“Politics is the prostituition of intellect.”

Yeah…somehow I agree to that statement more than anything else. I was talking to someone recently about politics and I brought up something important. Why is it so impotant for a system to promote a party’s idealogy and propaganda through the media? Why, I ask you must my own country men be so niave but to believe the things that people belch up in the news? How can people even know…let alone care why some things are the way it is when they don’t even know what matters to them?

People forget that the reason why a country must have someone in charge is so that a country can run smoothly. The purpose of a country running smoothly is so that people can live their lives in peace…and eventually better themselves. Yeah…better themselves. If anything…people overlook that the heart of democracy is knowledge.

Knowledge that people forget.

Which is what politics uses.

Ideas, principles, beliefs are all formed from one thing…knowledge. The more you know…the more options you can see and the better you can choose your OWN future first let alone a country. Just because you know something doesn’t mean it has to be the best. Just because another way is better, doesn’t mean there isn’t something even better. But people overlook all that. People forget that knowledge is the blade of power.

Knowlege is the key to control.

So yeah…people say…”Oh…the media is controlled by the system…boohoo“. Fine…so it is. So what? Does the media teach you maths? Does the media teach you ethical principles? Does the media teach you the workings of the human mind? Does the media teach you what the quantum theory is all about?

Of course not.

So what does all that knowledge have got to do with politics. Everything. In the quest for knowledge…we will begin to form our OWN ideals and principles. Not the ideals and principles that someone else stands for…but our own. If democracy is to work, then it should be built on what each and everyone stands for. Not what a someone else tells us to stand for. But no…no one cares for knowledge. No one cares to know more about how the system works or what power is all about. Everyone seems to complaining about how something doesn’t work or how we’re all being oppressed.

No one just for once asks.


How I long for a system that follows a chain of command. I know I know…it’s not the BEST idea, but in a country where people have yet to form their own ideas not what some party or system propagates, I rather have a country with a single system than a country who’s voters are swayed by how good the guy looks or who he slept with. I just want somone who does what they say rather than start a council meeting to decide the eventual cost effectiveness of the plan. I rather have a country where the people in charge are people that earn what they are about to lead. People who paid for their command by sweat and blood not money and connections.

Just just once…can we just concentrate on knowledge first before politics?

Don’t let your mind be sold for money.

There are more important things than power.

It’s time to learn what they are.

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