Pre-Valentine’s Day Thoughts…

I knew somehow or rather I’m going to have to blog about Valentine’s Day. One way or another, I can’t escape from it. Considering I’m in a relationship myself…I would be a poor sort to over look it one way or another. I’m not going to talk much about what I’m going to do. When it comes to things like this…I like to keep things till after they happened..or rather not counting my chickens before they hatch.

Thing is for the past week…I’ve seen so many mixed feelings about Valentine’s day. I mean seriously…some people really overdo it. From people with a deep burning hatred for Valentine’s to people who actually blow lots of money on it. I mean seriously…there are only a few people I know that take it moderately? What happened to these people? What happened to just being with the person you care about? It doesn’t have to be your a person you love as a couple. What happened to people you cared for? Remember the days when young kids gave their Valentine’s to their moms. What happened to the same concept as that?

Why do people hate Valentine’s day for its commercialization? Ok…it’s understandable that people want to make a big profit out of it by swindling desperate gullible people. But isn’t that like ALL special events…hell…take a look at Christmas and tell me how much mass market is there in it? I wonder if these same people hate Christmas too. But in that case…that’s no reason to hate Valentine’s day. Even if you don’t have a special someone too or because it has bad memories for you doesn’t mean you have to scorn it with all your soul.

And the people who overspend for Valentine’s. What the hell are you people doing? Ok…I understand you love your snookums alot. But seriously…if you’re going to look for the future then by God don’t blow it all on one day. I like people who are romantic…but it just doesn’t cut it out to only concentrate your love on ONE day of the year. What kind of logic is that? Dont be the guy who travelled 600 km to buy 214 flowers for the price of RM 408. As sweet as it is…even my girl won’t like it if I won’t blow that much money on flowers. She would be touched…but she would like it if the money goes to something more useful than something that dies in a couple of weeks.

Doesn’t matter anyway…if you love your significant other alot then everyday is Valentine’s day. It’s not the big things that matter in the relationship. It’s the little things that prove your love. It’s those thousand kisses. Those million caresses. And the infinite embraces that help strengten a relationship. Those small comforts of body, mind and soul. Of course you can splurge every now and again but in the end…isn’t that connection with you and your love that matters?

Think about it…love is everything. Don’t only spend it on one day.

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