Pressure Cooker

It’s amazing how much one can do under the pressure of an exam if they really care. Time seems so short that it has no relevence to anything. You can squeeze weeks or months of notes into a matter of hours. Of course the side effects are not well liked, right now I’ve got this splitting headache from a crash course in Algebra. I know it shold be easy for alot of you, but maths was never my forte. Give me complex philosophical questions anyday, but if you give me numbers and I’m more liable to look at you and go “Huh?”

To make things a little more complicated, I’ve started really looking into this blog more. Thanks to my lack of knowledge on HTML, I’m resorting to Dreamweaver to get to on the move. Unfortunately, it took out the entire morning and a quarter of my afternoon trying to figure out how to place a stupid comment bar leaving me to study for about a few hours later on…which is why my headache started in the first place. To make things an even more waste of time, I never got that Comment page on. It just wouldn’t load for some reason.

At least on the brighter note, I think I got a new person to help. Well, as if the other people on my “Help” list isn’t enough, but somehow helping people relaxes me, and a relaxed me is a me that studies better, so it all works out in the end. This one shouldn’t be to hard, logically I won’t go into details, but like all that has gone before…all people need is confidance and to believe in who they are inside.

Speaking of who they are inside, I’m believing in some chocolate eating right now. Maybe I’ll remember that stupid equation I keep forgetting. Mmmmm…Chocolate Equations.

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