A few days ago I was thinking about how life can pass us by in a blink of an eye and we wouldn’t realise it until it was too late. Now, is it because of that, that we now have become very impatient? Are we always that impatient in obtaining things…especially for our own selfishness? Either I’m too laid back or apathic about doing what I do, or other people are just walking at a pace faster than usual. I’ve always done things at my own time, at my own pace, with a higher degree of success than if I’m rushed, but people don’t care about quality of your work…they just keep asking you things they asked 5 minutes before. It’s deadly annoying.

I know I know…when it comes to deadlines…I can’t be that way…and I’m not. But at least I divide my time equally, do a bit at a time until it’s completed. I was never the last minute kinda person. I did do some things in the last minute, but it’s very little, just the finishing touch, no harm done. So why does everyone else like to get things over with so fast whether in the beginning or last minute? They do work like it was a pain in the ass, a needle in the arm which you need to deal with as fast as you can. I know I make alot of blunders…that’s why I look at my work very carefully. Don’t want any mistakes there do we?

I say this cause alot of things have been happening lately that people have been rushing me to do it…also the fact I just finished reading the 11th book in the Anita Blake Vampire Hunter series Cerulean Sins. Damn great series…which had one good message. To survive, you got to be smart and practical about what you do and how you so do it. It’s not about how fast you finish it, it’s about how smart you get things done. Impulses and feelings just tend to get you killed, practicality and ruthlessness often get you somewhere high on top.

Anyway speaking of which, I do have to go and start on the off-road buggy again. Its been 2 years on and off…talk about taking our time….:)

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