I don’t know which is even more aggravating. A mother who’s mood swings are enough to give you a heart attack or the fact that 2 days of experiments just went down the drain. If I could tear something up into itty bitty pieces, I would. But no…I am not. I promised myself that I would try and try to contain my short fuses as best I can…

I don’t think it’s not working.

Well…maybe it is working. I don’t know. I know I should be pissed. But I’m not. Maybe it’s you. Maybe it’s the music. Maybe it’s the combination of you and the music. Maybe it’s the stars in the sky. Maybe it’s those cozy sunday afternoons in bed. Maybe it’s me daydreaming too much.

But still…2 FULL days of culturing and taking readings went down the drain. What idiot set the temperature from 28 degrees to 40 degrees?! I don’t mind getting inconsistant readings…but to NOT finish the whole experiment? How the hell am I going to write the report then? The readings were wierd as it is…but at least we could prove that its because of the constants involved…now look what happened?

I’m not even going to start on my mother.

Just promise me that you won’t let me turn out like my parents ok? Promise me that we’ll be the best parents anyone has ever seen. Promise me when the time comes I won’t strangle our daughter’s new boyfriend. Promise me that I’ll sit through my son’s baseball matches no matter how much work I have. Promise me that we’ll always be there for our kids in the darkest of the night.

Just promise me that.

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