Pushing The Limits Of An Existence…

I can’t blog for long due to one outstanding reason.

Sarah’s system is severly corrupted…along with all the articles I meant to post up tomorrow.

Without any form of backup and any way to back it up and trust me, short of manually pulling the hard disk out myself, I spent all night running up and down the stairs between computers only to figure out that there is no way I can back the files up. Those articles are as good as never been done in the first place.

There are no words left in my vocabulary to express how severly pissed off and sickened by this happening to me of all times. One week before I leave and 2 days before my deadline. I don’t even know what to feel anymore.

Which is just as well.

I don’t think I would even be sane if I did start to feel right about now.

So any chance of salvation, be it may the hand of God or some other human form of help. I don’t care. This has taken bad luck and completely rewritten a whole new chapter of insanity in which even I have no idea how else to react.

I’m sick and I’m so very tired.

I’m this close to breaking that I can’t see the line anymore. Tomorrow’s significant day isn’t going to make it any happier for me. I wish I could see a silver lining. But all I can see is Sarah dead on the water until I can get her up again.

That and of course the usual game of my parents accusing me of causing trouble by just being within their set radius without any rational whatsoever.

What a life I lead.

Go figure.

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