Raging Onto That Night…

They are known as the guardian angels, fixers and more often as true friends. They are the people who watch over others. People who stand by among the crowd never really known until they do their work. People who in their own personal way swore make sure that no one should ever fall so far from the light. But what if these people themselves started to fall from grace? What if they started to shy away from the very thing they stand for?

I don’t know…sometimes it’s just lucky to have those that swore to watch out for others. Especially when you watch each other. They understand what makes people tick inside, they see into the souls of others making sure that it’s not just the situation they are healing…it’s the person that they are reshaping. They help discover who you truly are and what you truly are capable off. They make you see new roads and paths that you never thought off before. They tell you the truth of what goes on and comfort you through it rather than sugar coat the rotten core and pass it off as a high class confectionary. They make us understand that life is worth living when we choose to live it the way it was meant to be…on our own terms.

The thing is…alot of them are encased in their own personal torment. Each and everyone has a story and the reasons why they do what they do. Most of the time they are caught up in their own world, never listening to the advices of other. Hell…most of the time they don’t even listen to their own advice. So what happens when one of them falls from grace? Simple…like they who understand the torments of others, it takes another one who understands the torment of themselves.

Sometimes we all got to do a little soul searching even if you are an angel. Sometimes we have got to have another watch our back even though you never had another stand beside you. Sometimes we got to fall a little from the light even if you bring others onto that brightness.

Sometimes you got to know that they are those of us that would watch your back. We know you take it onto yourself to hear the grief of others. We know that pain in ourselves well and if anything we are willing to share your burdens with us. You may have lost your faith, that’s what we are here for…to give it back to you. That’s what we are here for…not just for others, but for each other.

By ourselves, we may make people smile again. Together…well…let’s just say that some good things…are best left to true angels to witness.

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