Random Nothings

This is one of those days that I can say really tires me out but is worth living it. Spent half the day in the Freshmen Orientation meeting checking out all the details and what I have to do before and on this coming Monday. But that’s not whats worth it…thats to see for Monday. What’s really worth is that right after coming back, I went straight to work on the Off-Road buggy, without any food and minimal water. Ok…so it’s no big deal really…but it’s our buggy, it’s hard work…it’s tiring. Hell, it burnt my hair today (or at least the sparks from the welding machine and the metal saw burnt me) and my mouth felt like sandpaper plus I have a painful cut on my thumb (apparently from adjesting the angle on the saw). But it’s no complaints there…we actually finally completed the back half of the buggy after so long. It’s one whole piece together, from front to back.

Ok, so it’s got no wheels and we haven’t even welded the chassis and engine frame together yet…but for ONCE, it doesn’t look like a boat that it was before today.

Unfortunately…I will be starting class n ext Monday. Which means,I won’t get to continue the buggy till my next holidays. Which is sad because we were starting to get the hang of things. Get it on a roll. Tsk tsk, all the dumb luck. Well, at least we got past that part and won’t have to spend so much time in that house. Truthfully, it gives me the creeps, considering the fact it IS an abandoned house and 3 people already died there, 2 from old age, and one from cancer. People who stayed there gave reports of weird things going on at night and sometimes if I’m alone there when my friends haven’t arrived to help yet I can get that prickly feeling at the back of my neck like I’m being watched. I have to constantly talk to the house to feel the least bit calm. At least give the impression I’m not there to make a mess of things…just do my business. I don’t deny they are spirits anyway, I’m a man of science…nothing proven or disproved.

Anyway…I’m dead beat right about now. Spent the day on my toes and I need to wake up early tomorrow to do some business before I go watch X-Men II. Well…off to sleep I am. After I finish of some little things here…:)

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