Real Long Slowdown

Well well, its been like a week I haven’t posted. Way more than 2-3 days eh? Considering the fact I’ve been too busy these days, it’s not surprising. Take for instance this past weekend. I spent that doing my lab report which was due today. In fact thanks to SOME miscommunication somewhere, I spent today also doing my lab report hurrying to finish it by 1700 hours today. Thankfully, I managed to pull through…what caught me by surprise was that there was my Calculus Midterms that I completely forgot was on for today. That’s right, calculus midterms…today. By surprise. Boy was I ticked off alright, I practically was snapping at everyone that came my way during the time I took my test and was doing my report.

Ok, so I was really tense, surprisingly…I managed to do all but one question for my Calculus and that was half question done too. That and the fact that I managed to finish my report in a nick of time….or rather 2 hours before deadline. I think someone up there likes me and watches my back alright, even if no one else on earth does. Or maybe it’s karmic law, which reminds me, I need to appologise to the people I snapped at today. It’s only fair in case of karmic law.

On the other hand, I think I’ll be posting very little until about July when I redo my site. All I can say is, it’s going to be a major overhaul to the site. Still going to be the dark and light contrast, but with a few modern modifications as so rishly deserving. Anyway, unless something major happens, I’ll be keeping my posts to a minimum, needed basis. That way we can kill two birds in one stone. Right now, I need to head off to study Chemistry, I’ve got a midterm to work on this Thursday again.

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