Recipe For Murder…

It’s WS-Day+6…

I have to warn you though…before you read this. Today’s post is in no way a direct reflection of my intentions towards any particular individual in the world. It is a creation of pure imagination tempered with realism. If you’re offended by natures of rapes then do NOT read any further. I don’t want to offend anyone…but this is mightly dark and offensive by itself.

Inspired by Ash.ox’s post and my Moral finals tomorrow. I’ve given it some thought and maybe its time I unleashed a little bit or what it means for a person to act regardless of any morality or social ethics. I repeat again…this is a work of fiction and is no way purposely meant to offend anyone.

It is late evening. I am dressed normally like any other person walking in the street, who is rushing to get home. I do not walk in the shadows nor slink out of sight. I walk in plain sight for all people to see…but knowing that no one would notice someone who just blends in with the crowd. All that serves to hide my face are dark glasses which hide my eyes…the windows to my soul.

I walk along one of the many sidewalks that line the city filled with various coffeeshops of all kinds. I walk slowly pretending to choose over which shop I should stop over for a drink. But I’m quietly choosing my victim with logical accuracy. Is the victim always alone? Is the victim a visibly easy victim? Does the victim frequent the area often? Are the movemts easily predictable? As much as the law tries to psychoanalyse predators like me to hunt me down…finding my victims is as much a choice of mind as well as body. It may take weeks if not days to choose my victim and plan my move.

But today, the choice already has been made, I am just waiting for an opportunity to strike. The victim mistakenly chooses a narrow stretch of road on her way back from work on route to her car. it is there where I wouill be waiting in my van. It is a well kept, well cared van, with multiple licence plate numbers at my disposal. I take pride in the cleanliness of my van, I cannot stand to see it messed up inside and outside.

Darkness is setting in the city, I wait for my victim patiently in my van reading a book. If I wait any later, my dark glasses would make me look suspicious, but the current light would suffice…I still blend in. I see the victim approach in the rear view mirror, I ready my home-made chloroform and put on my gloves then proceed to calmly walk step out of the vehicle. The timing is good because there is no one in sight. I still carry my book to ease the fears of my victim as I walk past her humming a song and smiling to her.

When my victim’s back is turned, I make my move. Putting my book into my jacket pocket and removing the chloroform laced cloth, I quickly subdue the victim in a matter of moments as she is passing my van. Tossing the victim into the van I make a quick exit to a close secondary location. Seeing that I’m not followed, I park the car and bound the victim should the victim wake up on route.

I drive to a preplanned desolate area where I carry out my intended actions on the victim…who would have woken up by then. I take care not to transfer any of my body fluids to the victim and keep body contact to as minimum as my actions would allow it. My actions may carry on for 2 days as the victim would tire out by then. After I am done with the victim, I would proceed to eliminate the evidance. I do not wish the victim a painful messy death hence 500mg of Potassium Chloride, Nicotine OD or a strong dose of Hydrofloric Acid would do the job.

I wipe down the victim to erase as much bodily evidance as possible, then I would dispose the body in either a secluded jungle area or weigh the body and throw the body into a lake. All possibly done in the early hours of the morning. After which I would resume my daily job and wait awhile as I chose my next victim.

Maybe there are many holes in that little fiction. But who knows…that might work out. Maybe people would still be asking where the person is…maybe the situation won’t be blown out of proportion. But maybe this has been done before and the media is already starting to make their own stories and call it a serial rape/murder. Either way…the game that a true serial criminal always plays is a Dog eat Cat eat Mouse game. To constantly outwit the law while hunting their prey.

What goes on in a mind like that…I don’t know. Maybe his mother never held him enough or held him too much. But that’s another story for another day.

For now…this is what’s out. Let’s leave it at that.

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