Reflection of the Abyss

Here is another one on my benefit. I wrote it when I was going to do my calculus the other day. I needed to release tension so, the heck with it. Might as well, write a new poem.

Oh why oh why do the elder people lie?
Why do they tell the young ones not to cry?
Why do they tell us it’ll all be ok?
When we can see their tears come by our way.

Oh why oh why did we not know life can be so harsh?
Why no one told us we’d be stuck in the marsh?
Why do we run around the circles of despair?
When we know painfully in the end life is never fair.

Oh why oh why do we not learn from our past?
Why do we not see the mistakes we commit last?
Why do we tear ourselves down to the miserable pits?
When we know such actions will end up giving us fits.

Oh Why oh why do we not do our best to succeed?
Why do we not fight to the end of our need?
Why do we give up to the slightest chance loss?
When even the end of the road is just across.

Oh why oh why do we not strive to live?
Why do we not touch the splendor life can give?
Why do we always take the road that ends in death?
When we have a choice to shape our will as long as we draw breath.

And people wonder why I choose science as my passion…:) I guess even scientists can afford to be poetic every now and again. Maybe I can try be one of those Renaissance Mens like Leonardo Da Vinci. All round scientist, poet, and artist. Of course, I’d still have a long way to go, but no hard in trying eh? Though it would be centuries too late for that, at least we canmake it a bit more modern, no harm done.

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