Reoccuring Dreams…

I had a dream last night. It’s the same dream I seem to have alot. I’m standing at the edge of a cliff and in front of me is the abyss. Further ahead is what I remember in the dream as the Holy Grail and between me and the Grail is a rope hammered to the ground on both sides. Thing is I always fall in the dream…I walk on the rope and always fall. But everytime I fall…I come back in another body. It can be male or female, but I come back after falling into the abyss. It never ends…except one time I went to drink coffee in the shop next door…and I don’t even drink coffee.

I wish I could know what my dream is trying to tell me. Could it be a message? A warning about a future I have yet to take? Or have I been watching too much Indiana Jones and Monty Python movies? Maybe I read and watch a bit too much Dune.

I don’t know…people say dreams are just dreams. Most psychologist or new age people say otherwise. I tend to the one where dreams have meanings. Of course…what this means I don’t know. I’ve had recurring dreams before and in the end, they go away…guess the message was done before I understood what it meant. But it doesn’t mean I don’t want to know it any less.

Ok I’m babbling now…I think I’ll go ahead and read something…yeah…maybe the answer will come to me in time…

One thought on “Reoccuring Dreams…

  1. I just finished reading so much of the stuff you listed on your site! I hope it is ok I copied & Pasted a lot of it to pass on to my children. You are funny in the things you say, but you are right on target too.
    Keep it up!

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