Reporting In…

Man oh man…its good to touch the keyboard for more than 30 minutes. It’s been a long long 4 days and I’m physically and mentally tired. Tired enough to doze off a few times during Orientation today.

Not something you’d expect from me though.

Anyway…I don’t think I have much time to be right here right now. For some reason, this computer lab is the hottest place on campus. I mean hot enough for me to actually think I’m back home…in Malaysia that is.

Home…I wish I was home.

Home in her arms. Her arms that so gracefully filled in the days in which I could not fill in myself. Now ladies and gentlemen, thank my dear Ju for filling up these times with words of wisdom of her own. You can already understand why she is the light in my dark…even if she sometimes looses faith in herself. She give me the faith to go on.

One day at a time.

One day closer till we can do the things we want to do. One day closer to the nights we can sleep to. One day closer to the days we can laugh to. One day closer the people we can watch out for. One day closer to the future we can create.

I’ll…give the details some time or another. Right now there is just too much to say, too much to put into words. Let me relay it all to Ju first before she can relay to you guys. Right now all I can say is…I love you Ju. I love you so much. I miss you every hour I am away. Watching people like Li-Ern holding Leon so tightly or Sam carressing Frankie gently here is not good for my mental condition right about now.

So to hell with that.

The best I can do is relive the memories that keep me warm in this…cold (and very FLAT) place. And I swear it does keep me warm…except in the morning though. That’s bloody cold. If any of you ever come here, do yourself a favour. Buy GLOVES. You can walk around with a t-shirt for all I care (I did that the first day no problems at 2 degrees)…but you definitely can’t survive with your extremities feeling like popsicles.

Not at all.

Lastly a word to the more childish of you who have mocked the fact I am here. This place is better than ANY University you have ever been to back home. The network here are actually made by people who know what they are doing (you actually need to sign an agreement stating that you have an updated antivirus before you can go online). The dining hall is sweet. The food may be a bit on the expensive side (though I bought 3 huge loaves of bread for $2.64), but hey…we’re all cooking.

What’s missing though is Ju’s hand in the cooking.

The bus services are prompt and finally I can get rid of people who go by “Malaysian Time“. You don’t know where the lecturers end and the students begin cause everyone is just chirpy. The only thing marring the whole event is one thing that all of you know.

I wish you’re here with me Ju.

I really want you here.

I doing all that I can to stay happy. I really am…for you not to worry for me. I know you worry about my social skills especially among my classmates…but…I’m working on it like I promised you. I’m working on it because I don’t want you to worry I’ll be all physically alone.

I’ll always have that empty space in my heart and soul for you. That will always leave me alone.

But that can wait.

Until we are reunited again.

It can wait…patiently if not painfully.

Just one day at a time.

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