Reviewing The Past…

The time of change is coming. The time which I most anticipate and dread is almost here. In precisely 30 days, I’m leaving for Australia to complete my studies. It’s a time I’ve been wishing all my life…but now it’s a time I never want to happen. If you’ve been reading my blog alot, you’d probably know why I now don’t wish to leave.

But everything has a reason doesn’t it?

It’s just ironic that I would be continuing my life in another country on the day of my birthday. On the day of my 21st birthday…but it’s no biggie. Like I said, everything happens for a reason. It’s just that it’s about this time I start reflecting everything else that happened in my life. It’s about time I looked back at the things lived before and put together the pieces of what make me what I am today.

I don’t remember the exact date when I began my life as a technogeek…but I remember the exact moment.

I played Space Invaders.

I was young, I had a now archaic Commodore 64 and I had all the time in the world. It didn’t take long for me to realise that Space Invaders wasn’t going to satisfy my need for having fun. I couldn’t go out, I didn’t have any toys or much TV back then. So I did the next best thing any kid in my position would have done.

Make his own game.

Well…it was more complicated than that. Back then we didn’t have all that fancy Athlon 64’s, a spanking Radeon graphics card and 250 gigs of Hard Disk Space. No…all we had was Pre-Pentium processors, 8 bit graphics if we were lucky, 1 MB RAM was a luxury and your storage space a floppy disk that lived up to its name.

But I had something a bit more. I had the instruction book to make my own games. Now take note I was really really young then. I didn’t even know what I was doing…but I did it anyway. All I had to do was follow this bunch of gibberish with later turned out to be the Commodore 64 programming language itself. I don’t know how long it took me…but hell…in the end I had myself this Lunar Lander game which sucked real bad.

Not bad for someone who didn’t know crap about computers.

But if there was any credit to why I am the technogeek I am today, it’s because of two things.

Games and Porn.

That’s right. What did you think the first real thing I fired up when I got online? Badly moving images of dinosaurs? I was in my booming age…so hell yeah…Porn got me hooked on the net. Games did it job when I wanted to push the envelope of my system harder without buying more stuff.

I remember being introduced to Sarah for the first time. I remember opening my hardware and not knowing how to put it back. I remember learning how to break into password encrypted areas because I forgot my password. I remember pushing my online bandwidth to the limit because I wanted more pictures of naked women. I remember my first major system failure. I remember the IRC wars. I remember not eating lunch for 6 months because I saving up for a Voodoo3. I remember giving life Sarah II and III.

I remember it all.

It’s part of me like a second skin. Being part of the machines I love and care for is something that I’ve always been comfortable with. The cold precision it posesses, the power it gives and the freedom it brings.

There’s still a long way to go for this old boy yet.

A long way to go…

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