Reviewing The Past – Part II…

It’s funny how you can blame karma for all the things that happen in your life. It’s funny that life isn’t without a sense of irony and twists. It’s funny how every little thing can have a big impact on the future. It’s funny how the past…is just another perception of events.

It’s funny isn’t it?

I remember a time where I called the shots. I remember a time where I used to create trouble not clean it up. I remember a time when isolation didn’t bother me. I remember a time when I used to bring toy guns to show other people. i remember a time when I twisted a person’s finger on the bus. I remember a time when I shoved a person’s leg by the swing bar and just swung away.

I remember raising hell.

Then again karma…has its own way.

I remember being picked on for being the odd one out. I remember having a foot planted squarely on my back. I remember being kicked by whom I’m supposed to be taught from. I remember being scolded for not being the best. I remember caring about being isolated. I remember the fear of being there. I remember the countless times I tried to belong. I remember fighting for what I wanted. I remember getting what I fought for.

I remember going to primary school.

It’s funny how life can turn the tables on you in an instant. It’s just so funny that in the blink of an eye, everything changes. In a blink of an eye…everything you knew can become something so alien. But that’s how you grow isn’t it? That’s how you become. That’s what gives you your perspective. That’s what prepares you for things to come. Prepares you for a world where anything is possible and nothing is to chance.

It’s funny how much hold the past has on our future.

It’s just funny.

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