Risk Is A Game…

A game played where the odds are one way or another. A game where the outcome isn’t always the same even if all the factors are the same. A game where you can have it all…or you can have nothing at all. That’s risk for you.

Risk is move.

A move where each step is an uncertainty. A move where no one can know all possible outcomes of a single move. A move where each and every step may be the end of a beginning or the beginning of the end…or it may be everything rolled into one.

Risk is an act.

An act of courage. An act of stupidity. An act that requires both traits or something so similar that it’s hard to distinguish at all. An act that brings upon happiness and riches. An act that brings about sadness and misery. An act of love. An act of desperation. An act that defies all regards to one’s safety. An act that puts you in front…with no way left to turn back.

Risk is what I have to do.

To secure a future. To hear the words “I do”. To stand beneath the stars hand in hand. To watch them grow up. To smile forever. To create a future. To reshape a destiny. To be complete.

Time to risk it…

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