Roll The Dice…

Questions to things we rarely ask. It’s always a habit of life to hand those questions over to you when you least expect it. But I suppose sometimes its all for the best. Especially when you’re going to be applying those things in the future. Might as well take all the time to ponder on it now…unless you want to make the wrong choices later in life.

One thing any one of us should ask ourselves is this. If we have the power to play God…should we? I mean…when we say play God, we mean the ability to change the course of a natural life. We already have the power to play God…but ask ourselves…do we have the right to?

Religious people would argue left and right that only God has the right to play God. Maybe they have a point, we haven’t exactly proven and shown ourselves to be capable of being responsible for even ourselves…and you want us to be responsible for the fates of others? That’s not optimism…

That’s suicidal.

But I suppose one’s thing for sure. We’ve been playing God ever since our species walked out from the caves. We’ve been altering the natural life of this planet for thousands of years. We’ve control the growth of plants and animals to feed us. We have driven species to extinction. We have given rise to new species and classes of life. We have even cheated death. Whether by accident or on purpose, we’ve dug our hands into the natural processes of life in this planet. We as the dominant sentient species on this planet have altered the fate of so many things, organic and inorganic.

So do we say we can’t play God?

Maybe it’s about the line we cross, so far as we know it, the fates we’ve altered are quite unintentional. Mostly by indirect intervention. But now we’ve been given a direct way to play God. To play with life itself. There are those of us that touch the very heart of life…our genes. There are those of us who alter life on that level…making molecular changes that will alter the landscape of the world and beyond.

Can we justify that?

If you discovered a way to make us faster, smarter, stronger, wiser and just…better compared to the humans we have today. Would you bring it to the world? Or would you destroy what you find? It wouldn’t seem like much of a moral dilema wouldn’t it? But consider the fact Neaderthals were given a chance to be smarter, faster, stronger and better than us a few hundred thousand years ago. That would have changed the course of evolutionary history as we know it. Knowing that…

Would you still alter the human race now?

That’s something to ponder about isn’t it?

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