Roll The Stars…

In the world I have always lived in, there have always been certain absolutes I have pledged my life by. Absolutes that by all means shape the person I am and will always be. But no absolute has never been as strong as one which states that our destiny is ours to control and only ours to take for ourselves.

I have always held true to that.

Then again…one has to consider the possibilities of fate.

Fate, to me at least is very different from destiny. If destiny is the shore we are to reach…fate is the tides that may help or hinder us to get there. Fate is the events that cross our paths on our way to the end of the road. So one really wonders…if we can control the destiny in which we head towards.

Can we control fate?

I used to think no. I used to think it’s impossible to control the things beyond the scope of your power. The least we can do is to make the best use of fate as it is…to make the best use of what befalls us to keep heading towards the things we strive for in life. No matter what…fate is the cards we play with…you still can win with nothing on hand if you are good at it.

But perceptions can change.

I’m not really that superstitious…but I’ll risk the jinx for this sake.

Good things happen when I want them to happen.

There is no better way to explain it. They do happen. They happen when I most need them. Things happen the way that’s beyond my control…but they happen in my favour. They only happen under the circumstances that I am truly contented with myself. It is as if it is true that things come to you when you stop chasing it.

Like a bird that you have been catching all the while landing by your feet when you are resting.

Whenever I desire something so much and I get all worked up because I want it. I never do…and to add to that…bad things happen. Bad things happen whether by my hand or not. It will always happen as soon as I start to think those dark thoughts of doubt and fear. I lose, I fail, I fall…all after I feel that I can.

Is this control?

Is this my control over fate?

I have always spoke of optimism as a way of life…but is this truly what it holds? A chance to change the events in your life? For good to always be close to arm’s reach? To influence the tides at your own will of thought? I don’t know. I only know that I have lived my life this way. I’m slowly beginning to realise that even though you do as much good…you won’t get the things you want unless you’re truly contented with the best that you have put in.

Some things I know I can’t live without. I know some things will tear me apart to lose. I know some things are worth more to me than the world itself. But…I know I cannot win until I win over my own fear and doubt. I know this is the part of me which has always been my ally. I know this is the part of me that you love maybe more than you realise or admit it to yourself.

I know I have to stand in the eye of the storm.

It’s the only way I can beat what lies ahead.

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