Run Layout Run…!!

That was sooner than expected. I think I got my drive back to re-tweaking the layout again. After one solidly long day of editing and reloading and editing and reloading the layout. I finally got the right mix. Guess what…the layout is finally Mozilla and Opera compatible (woohoo!!) It’s not 100% done yet, but I doubt no one is going to notice one small part at the bottom left of the screen.

But who cares?! I managed to pull it off…by my own. I’m know that they are other people that are better than me. I say this…this is something I did myself. I went ahead and edited then troubleshooted it by my own without any prior knowledge whatsover. So thanks to you guys that told me to be patient. At least I know now it’s something I have to get a headache for…but for some reason, it’s worth it.

Ok…give…I didn’t exactly finish some work I was supposed to to be doing. But I’ve been pretty wound up recently. If I didn’t put all that stress into something creatively constructive, I’d probably have wring someone’s neck right about now. Not that I wouldn’t have anyway. There is just too many people ticking me off recently that I’m beginning to perfect the art form of quietly slipping away unnoticed. It’s either that or we’re going to have a lot more things broken than just pencils.

I don’t know…it’s just that I’ve been running away from a lot of things lately. There’s too little control in my life that I have to resort to just avoiding the the bulk of my problems and taking them on one by one. But each time I get one done and gone..another 2-3 pop up. It’s like a never ending dodge ball game where the balls that hit you really really hurt. Geez…I don’t want to keep avoiding all my problems…and I sure as hell don’t want to pile them up or even fight the bulk of it at the same time.

The only good thing about is occasionally 2 or 3 problems can be solved in one continuous succession or together all at once. Something I can look foward to each time, but life’s not always that generous. Three quarter the time you really got to work at making sure your problems stay away for good. That’s not really a good way to sum it up considering your average lifespan would be until 75-80 years old. That’s about 60 years of your life with you either running away, being crushed under the ever increasing issues or slowly sifting through the problems you can handle at that time.

Not something you actually saw yourself doing when you were a little kid huh? To think this started from reparing the layout. I wonder what would come next…?

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