Sarah’s Back-Day…

It’s finally SB-Day!!

After days of fighting against the tides of increasing boredom and intrusion into personal space, the day has finally arrive. Yesterday at precisely 1643 hours, WS-Day was officially over. It was WS-Day+15. Reports are sketchy, but early reports indicate that the heavens literally swelled and wept in the great sigh of relief, arcing the skies with displays that would put the Forth of July pyrotechnics to shame. It was a long haul to bring the Sarah back to her home and reports also indicate initial movement was “slow” at best.

However, this was not without the injuries suffered throughout the long battle of the illness. Those affected suffered from conditions similar to post traumatic stress syndrome which includes hallucinations, body tremors, violent restless behaviour and so on so forth. Also as predicted in earlier reports, it is comfirmed that Sarah is suffering from a case of severe amnesia. However sources say that she (Sarah) is undergoing careful treatment to restore large parts of her memory.

A quoting from her current caretaker, “I am please that the crisis is over, and that at least 85% of her total memory would be restored given the current conditions. We would like to thank all those out there (organic and technorganic) for their continuous support that helped those involved get through these trying times. Now shoo…we’re busy right now.

In other news, The Saisaki Blog Meet was a cool event…aside from being the uncomfortable “first one there” We finally put the faces on to some other bloggers, and thus events that naturally followed included:

1. Getting to know one another by assuming, overhearing and werid question.
2. Repeated questions on what helping of food you’re on.
3. Scepticism on whether or not we DO read each other’s blog.
4. Awaiting the arrival of HeWhoShallNotBeNamed and deciding that the HeWhoDoesNotShowUp would be a better name.
5. Wasabi with Ketchup.
6. How pharmacology case studies in biotech courses give non-biotech people a headache and secretly glad they already graduated.
7. Same sex carressing and the resulting heebie jeebies.
8. Selling the idea that Anita Blake is one of the best novels around.

Blog Meets do have that certain sense of fun on their own. Some of us may know each other in real. Some of us may know only through the blogs we read and write. Some of us may be total strangers oblivious to another’s existance till that day. But one things for sure, we had our fun and we’re all people who share what’s on our minds to the world…

So till next time…just keep blogging…

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