Sarah’s Cranky…

This is so anti-climatic. The moment I try and install a game into Sarah, it can’t run…both of the games. Simcity 4 and Freelancer. I haven’t the slightest inkling why it can’t run. Other CD’s can run just fine, but these new games haven’t the foggiest clue why they can’t run. I was thinking of playing something that doesn’t take up too much of my time anyway. I know I know, I got alot of work to do. But a guy’s got to rest too right? Spend maybe…a hour or so building your city won’t kill your future. Hell, it might even help you in the future.

I just realised that alot of people I knew had pretty bad weekends and not just me alone. Coincidance? Maybe. But then coincidance is just an anomaly in science. Maybe this is another message for me as well. “People have bad days too…stop wallowing in your own self pity and get on with your life. You’ve got a job to do.” If I know life well, I’m guessing that’s what it’s trying to tell me.Something I would also say to other people…at least in a more kinder way. I can be harsh and ruthless to myself if I wanted to.

Anyway. I think aside from a Physiology test this weekk, since last week’s test was canceled. I think it should be a quiet week. Just spend time doing my assignments and presentations and that should be it. Keep things on the level and everything should be just fine. I need some sleep right about now. Amazingly I’m pretty beat. Probably from sleeping 4 hours last night. Oh well…you lose some, you gain some.

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