Shadow Of An Angel’s Wings…

My AvatarI’ve had a lot people recently asking me about my new avatar. The angel you see before you. The haunting shadow with wings that stands firm by its conviction and duty. Whenever I look at it, it’s just something that…reminds me of what I should do in the first place. It’s just hard to believe that with all my scientific background and devotion to it…

Angels are still something I always held on to.

It’s not hard to see why I’m so drawn to angels especially the depiction of their wings. It’s a representation of duty and power beyond that which we mere human beings can comprehend. Selfless duty to something more than ourselves and for a purpose greater than any one person can attempt.

But most of all…it’s the call of freedom which the wings ironically symbolise.

I know that in mythological terms, angels are bound to eternal servitude in God’s Grace. In a way, prisoners of their own creation. It’s just that the wings just haunt me wherever I stand. Draw me to it in whatever form it posseses. Everytime I look at the wings of an angel, I lose myself in them. I wish that I could at least feel what it’s like once again to stretch that far and feel so completely…free from this mortal world I’m bound to.

It’s sad though that with all I want to do, all that I want to accomplish, I’m limited with the finite skin I wear as a mortal human being. I endure the constant indignity of pain and solitude to reach ambitions beyond even my own present capabilities just because I am aware of the responsibilities and duties that I have to perform in my own position.

Yet…I hold fast to the sword.

I stand fast to the convictions passed down because of the importance they have on all of us. To do something greater than one’s self because you know it is the better war to fight is something very few people are willing to do. And if role models of this kind are far and few in between on earth.

Then at least let me hold true to it on some higher plane of existance.

Even if they are unreal in the world I live in, who they are and what they mean are very real to me.

That should at least matter.

In the coming storm ahead…that should always matter.

3 thoughts on “Shadow Of An Angel’s Wings…

  1. You the angels, me my warrior archer in the sky. Haha… :) 

    Posted by Chibster

  2. Hi,
    I really like your angel image… I was going to take it and give it to a woman who wanted an avatar…

    But I read the thing about stealing images…

    you don’t say not to take it…

    I’m a little unclear on images…

    It’s a super image, and I’d like to use it for her if it would be okay with you.

    If I don’t hear from you I won’t use it.


    Do take a look at my site if you have ridges on your fingernails…

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