Shattered Symbols…

Have you ever looked at yourself through a broken mirror? Have you ever looked at the world through a kaleiodoscope? Have you just took a walk around your life only to end up in the place where you began in the first place? Have you always dreamt the dream where you’re looking at yourself through the eyes of another?

Have you ever just asked yourself who you are?

It’s an age old question that has been asked ever since we realised that apart from killing, eating, having sex and surviving…we have nothing else better to do. That’s the God honest truth. Its not such a bad thing really to ask yourself that question. After all…could you answer that?

What’s beyond the name? What’s beyond the title that people give to appease your vanity? What’s beyond the faces of faces that we wear to be with people whom even we don’t like at times?

Who are you?

Maybe finding who you are is like looking at yourself through a broken mirror. Maybe finding out what the world really is like is more akin to seeing it through a kaleiodoscope. Maybe who you are is just fragments of experiences and understanding that is just as shattered as the reality that we live in. Maybe we slide the pieces of ourselves into the fragments of reality, overlapping it with out perceptions and beliefs. There will come a time when you realise that we are a walking bag of opposites and contradictions. We are the chaotic universe made flesh.

After all why not?

Do we not share the same molecules that has spread throughout the universe? Do we not have the same sub-atomic fragments that make up the cosmic stardust? Yet we are flesh. We are aware. We are beings made conscious of all that surrounds us though we constantly forget that.

We forget that we are part of the great machine of life….of reality. We forget that we play our roles in the circle that winds back upon itself. We forget that we are insignificant to the big picture but at the same time a nexus of fate and destiny.That we play a miniscule part in the universe but have the ability to reshape reality as we are aware off.

When you have time to put this all into perspective, it kinda makes feel a little lost doesn’t it? When you begin to understand that you have all this power, but no way to put it to good use. It either scares the hell out of you…or you’re too far gone to give a damn about it. But the bottom line is that no one likes to be lost. No one likes to be a person without purpose, without destiny. Just that the sad thing is…alot of us are.

We just haven’t realised it yet.

Sometimes it just takes a little while to get things into perspective. Sometimes it takes a little time to put together those shattered pieces of chaos into an orderly whole. Sometimes it just takes will and determination to work it all out. Sometimes…you just have to ask.

All you have to do is you start asking.

So…do you know who you are?

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