Shortest Post I Wrote…

I am sick.

I’ve been coughing out gunk.

I have so many ulcers I don’t know which one matters anymore.

I have a headache.

I have a sore thoat.

I feel horrible and lethargic.

I wish she was here to take care of me.

5 thoughts on “Shortest Post I Wrote…

  1. dude…hope u get well soon…eat healthy and stay healthy…u should be up in no time…hehe 

    Posted by keith

  2. what type of ulcers?

    I agree with keith, eat healthy. I know you have trouble sleeping, but I pray that you will have peaceful sleep this coming week. 

    Posted by Yian

  3. Keith: I try to man. Everyday I try to.

    Yian: Let’s see. Two ulcers on the lip. One recovering on my tongue. One at the back of my jaw between the upper and lower jaw

    One in my stomach…recovering of course.

    Wow…you know I have trouble sleeping. Well…one thing good about flu is…you’d get sleep whether you like it or not. Which I did…though…didn’t really feel any better when I woke up…:) 

    Posted by Edrei

  4. hope u get better, cos i’ll be wanting to chat online again soon =P 

    Posted by kristine

  5. Dude, I’ve been sleeping off my drugs. I agree with ya that being sick sucks…still I highly sympathize with the nasty ulcers.


    Posted by Chibster

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