Simplistic Complications…

Could love be so simple? Maybe it is really. Maybe if I had done this and didn’t do that. It would have been so much better. It wouldn’t have come to this. It would be far away where the laughter I hear would be by my hand. Not this…tightening of the chest and cold apathy that dwells within.

But then…

Nothing is ever so simple when you start to feel for it. Nothing is ever so simple when all you could do is wish and try the best you can for that magic to never end. Being the person who I am, how could I ever want it to stop? How could I ever stand by and watch it stop?

People may argue that all good things will come to an end.

But what is end if you don’t fight for it?

I don’t know. I may sit around here arguing to myself my need to fight. But in the end…it’s not that I don’t want to fight. It’s that I only want that magic back. To see you smile and laugh because of who I am…rather than tear yourself up inside for where I’m not. Even though I know yes…past is the past, but we both know you and I see and can’t shake it for two different reasons.

Like opposing sides of the coin we see a good and the bad.

A dream and a reality.

Could we ever move past that to what we want? Could we realise inside what we really need?

In some ways Anita Blake makes it so simple doesn’t it? Even though her own love life is torn between the men she loves. Even if Edward is more screwed in his false social life than us. Neither of them can run away from their own problems. Neither of them can bury themselves in the work they put in because it’ll always come back to them. One way or another it will always come back to them. Whether at a point of a gun or by will alone.

It never was that simple.

Everyone bleeds.

It’s just a matter of how.

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